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How copywriting can help you and your business

Copywriting is a term that most people are not familiar with. Simply put, it refers to the art and

science of using words to persuade a customer or reader to take a specific action. These words

are referred to as "copy" and include everything from the text on a sales brochure, to the introduction on a homepage, or the captions on social media.

Who needs copywriting?

Short answer: every business, professional, and student. The words that you put out will usually

generate some form of reaction. Whether that reaction becomes action depends on how you

string these words together.

The impact of good copy

Let’s say that you are rewriting an old sales brochure. Editing the words that you use on the

brochure can lead to increased sales, even without making any changes to the actual features of

the product. That is the power of good, persuasive copy.

So how do you edit your copy? Well, in order to persuade a customer, you must first be familiar

with the customer and their taste/preferences. Then, you must decide which action you want your

customers or readers to take. Once you have a profile of your reader, and you know what the

preferred course of action is for your reader, there are several tricks you can use to improve your


First, write with a specific profile in mind. If it helps you to channel the reader's preferences, use a fictional first name to address your text to (you can delete this first name later). Then,

emphasize the benefits of what you are selling, rather than the features. Let your customer know

how this product or service will improve their situation. Finally, keep your copy clear, concise,

and simple.

Launch your new copy and track the results. If needed, readjust your strategy based on the

customer response.

Not your cup of tea? Or simply want the ease of a seasoned professional to review your work

before launching? Careful Editor is here to help. Head to our Book Now page to submit your

documents and get started on the path towards success.

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