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Why I Became an Editor

Updated: May 15, 2019

If you are asking why I became an editor, the answer is simple, I just couldn’t help it.

While pursuing my MBA and through my professional career, I naturally found myself correcting errors or offering feedback for everything from training manuals, to professional presentations, to websites, and more. Finally, with the encouragement of a Professor, Doctor in Organizational Leadership, I realized that editing was my calling. 

If you are wondering if you need an editor, consider the following question:

Have you ever uploaded your application for your dream job or top college only to realize, after pressing submit, that there was a mistake? I have and there is no worse feeling. Perhaps you did not see the mistake, but I promise that there is a very good chance that your recipient did.  Do not take that chance. 

Your future depends on the quality of your written word. Let Careful Editor help you make a great impression. We have a passion for detail, a passion for working with people of diverse cultures, and more importantly, a passion to help you succeed. 

Submit your documents to get started on the path towards success.


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